Soccer is TRULY FUN!!!

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Soccer is FUN! My kids played soccer as their first of many sports. Each new sport brought new friends. Which is a major part of the FUN! My kids played soccer and lacrosse from age 5 until they graduated from college. They played other sports as well but Soccer always remained the foundation, the beginning. It was always FUN!

In order to keep experiencing the joy of playing, competing and being with friends you have to get better. To get better players have to learn, practice as much as you wish to and play. Playing has to be FUN! The fun is having the skill and making your own game decisions without fear. The playing has to be FUN! That is what SoccerRig is all about, FUN and improvement.

Since 1990 I have trained soccer players in New York from aged 5 to 21. Training players from age 5 to watching them play for their college team.  The key is to always emphasize fun while becoming a better soccer player.  My focus is on the individual development of the player not the “team”.  Advance their ability and potential to reach their personal objectives.

A highly skilled player is valued by his/her team. I work on making your child better so they will be confident, effective and valuable to their team.  Most important, the individual player experiences the real connection between effort and results that can be duplicated in any arena of his/her choosing!

This approach has a proven track record as many players excelled on Tournament, High School, Select Teams, College teams and the Olympic Development Program (ODP).

My Soccer training stems from United States Soccer Federation, National Soccer Coaches Association of America Coaching Academy, Lake Placid Soccer Camp Staff-Coerver Foot- skills, Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity school teams, 4 Tournament teams. The Varsity team I coached reached the NY State Finals, Tournament teams-52 wins, 24 Finalist. Premiere League 3 second place finishes. Indoor Soccer Teams-34 times finished in 1st or 2nd place.

NOTE: Each Tournament team did NOT have tryouts. Each player was cut from a team!

Please browse this website to learn more about our approach to soccer. If you have any questions please email at bobaudley4@gmail.com.
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Bob Audley