No. Why should any young person have to try-out to play ANY game?  I train players to perform well, improve and have FUN doing it!

Typically, players are 5 – 21 years old. Currently, I offer two groups, ages 5-7 male and female together, ages 8 to 11 male and female separate.

Each session is 10 weeks. I offer four sessions per year.


Yes, players can sign up at any point during a session.

This is totally up to you. Players can train between 1-2 times per week. Check out the Training Calendar for more information.

That is up to you!  You only pay for the session and training program you choose to participate in during a 10 week session.

Yes. Soccer Rig focuses on training.  I encourage playing on a team.  My own kids did, several sports and club teams.

Please email any questions to [email protected].