SR Training Belief

When kids learn to improve they realize they can improve in other arenas of their life!

That is EMPOWERING! They can create the LIFE they WANT!


  • A Soccer Rig training session is about ball control, deliberate skill to beat your defender, to improve your natural ability as far as your son/daughter desires. It is a full 60 to 90 minute session of ball control. Honestly‚Ķit is AWESOME!
  • Soccer Rig provides the non-threatening and challenging experience to risk and get better.
  • Soccer Rig promotes effort and risk. Take chances by pushing your ability which will lead to failure. Then, what do you do? Find a way to pull back effort or try again? Pulling back effort can be seen as a very natural reaction. I consistently see young people as amazing risk takers as they attempt new learning, fail and trying again. That kind of effort and risk taking is the ultimate growth experience. You learn to own your life!

    That is consistently rewarded at a Soccer Rig training session.

  • Have a PLAN to own your life! 62% of successful people have a plan they focus on every day!