Training Program

Training Program

Soccer Rig is focused on the development of the individual player.

To train with Soccer Rig, players are required to participate in Foundation Skill Training.

Foundation Skill Training – players work on a variety of skills that all soccer players benefit from. Each player works on foot skills for ball control, passing, receiving, shooting, small sided games. There are NO long drill lines, movement all the time with emphasis on repetition and ball touches. $15.00 per session.

Soccer Rig PLAY – Soccer Rig committed to organizing and minimal coaching. Let the game teach players! $5.00 per session.

Please check Calendar for time and place.

Payment: You have no idea if your child will enjoy this training. Therefore, it makes sense to pay as you go instead of committing to 10 weeks.
So, please register your son/daughter and plan on paying when you arrive, cash, check payable to Robert Audley…OR…tell me what works best for you.